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Amid the Afghan government’s collapse and subsequent Taliban takeover of Kabul, it was a race against time for the U.S. and NATO allies to evacuate their citizens, and Afghans at risk, out of the country. The result? Over 120,000 civilians were extracted in nearly two weeks, making it the largest airlift operation ever recorded. For [...]
One of the world’s biggest vessels got stuck sideways in Egypt’s Suez Canal, bringing maritime traffic to a halt. Satellite imagery shows the Panamese-flagged “Ever Given” container vessel glued to the banks of the Suez canal. This unfortunate situation however, provides a useful case study for enhance situational awareness using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools. By [...]

This post has been updated with a timelapse and high-resolution imagery of Etna Dramatic but harmless (for now), Etna’s eruption makes an excellent case study for environmental security – a lesser-known application for Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest active volcano, erupted on Tuesday, February 16th. Towering 3,350 meters over Catania on Sicily’s eastern […]

Who doesn’t like a quick and sweet geolocation challenge?  Part of my work on T-Intelligence involves monitoring “adversarial activities,” which includes keeping tabs on military hardware deployments of hostile foreign governments such as the Russian Federation. I am especially interested in what is commonly known as anti-access area denial (A2/AD) equipment.   THE VIDEO On […]

On Monday, a video went viral that shows a personal trainer doing her aerobics routine against the backdrop of a military coup in Myanmar. Not even the wave of armoured personnel carriers and police vehicles could interrupt her catchy workout beat (the new 2021 anthem?). The surreal scene made waves on social media where users […]

Most of my OSINT work covers armed conflicts and geopolitical events. But as an analyst, it’s essential to keep an open mind and learn about new tools and platforms. So when I stumbled upon Jake Crep’s tweet announcing a Skopenow webinar on “OSINT for Gab and Dissenter Investigations,” I was very interested.  I’ve tried to […]

A massive online crowdsourcing campaign is underway to identify the rioters that stormed the U.S. Capitol on 6 January 2021. Some do it to show-and-shame, others to exercise their digital investigation skills. But it’s safe to say that everyone wants to see the perpetrators brought to justice. And law enforcement agencies like the FBI are […]

Intelligence agencies are known for their daring espionage missions and covert tradecraft. But in reality, around 80% of intelligence is open source*. Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) is intelligence derived from publicly available data and information. Open sources can be anything from public records, magazines, books, journals, and press articles to social media posts, commercial satellite imagery, […]

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